NAFLOR Waterborne Adhesive for PVC Flooring NQ300


   This product is produced by advanced technologh and formulation and using imported acrylatepolymers and high quanlity pigment and filler.  It is non-toxic and not harmful,  belongs to green environment-friendly product. 


• 使用前应搅拌均匀,建议用A2或A3锯齿刮刀均匀地涂刮,铺展后凉胶时间20-40分钟(根据气候温度不同,可用手指触摸判断表干情况)即可铺设上述地板材料。

• 铺下地板后,用木板滚筒滚压以排除引入的空气,确保胶水全部粘结附到地板背面。

• 24小时后可固化,48小时后可步行。

Application Instruction:

• Stir thoroughly the product before use,apply it evenly on the surface of substrate by using A2 or A3 toothed trowel. After short open time of 20-40 min, the substrate is ready to accept above flooring material. 

• After the flooring material is applied on the substrate rub the surface by wood plate or roller to remove entranced air under the flooring mate-rial. Make sure that adhesive has transferred to the back of the flooring material. • The adhesive will be dried after 24h, and set to foot traffic after 48h.

理论涂布量 Theoretical application rate



Quality Grarantee Period:12 months if stored in 1-40℃。




   The product should be protected against frost and direct light during transportation,storage and application.Application temperature should not belower than 5℃。